Sunday, January 26, 2014

Finishes 5 thru 7

So, I missed the IHSW last weekend and instead spent this past Friday and Saturday madly stitching on some things that could have been finished ages ago if I had not gotten bored and moved onto other things (lots of other things.) The "madness" paid off, however, starting with two Halloween ornaments from a JCS Halloween issue from a few years back. Stitched but not finished, but that's fine. Color is off in the pics, too.

I also then proceeded to finish two biscornus. The Lizzie Kate LE "Hoot!" Biscornu and the Sweetheart Tree "Holiday Holly" biscornu. 

The holly biscornu only needed to be beaded on one side and assembled. It was the beads that turned me off it a couple years back. Silly me. 

The L*K biscornu had a small miscount on one side that I thought was worse initially and caused me to set it aside in disgust as I thought I would have to frog quite a bit. Picking it up this week, I realized that I had miscounted the degree of the original miscount and was not going to have to frog out as much. And next thing I knew, voila! It was done.

I am very pleased with myself that I have started no new designs so far and kept from purchasing stash for almost 25 days. Go me!

I am very excited about a new start that is soon to be on my q-snaps, though. I designed it myself and it should stitch up quickly. Can't wait to show it off. 

Other highlights of my week include:

--the discovery of homemade simple syrup and how well it flavors the iced tazo green tea that I am making at home
--the discovery that I can now make shaken green tea lemonade that tastes just like it's from Starbucks, but at a fraction of the cost
--progress on my quest to make my own Starbucks caramel frappucino at home, also ata fraction of the cost
--watched the first episode of "Sherlock" and really enjoyed it
--continued with my resolve to not check work email on days that I do not work, which has definitely improved my ability to not think about work when I'm not there
--I am only 15 days away from going part-time (not counting, though.)
--we've finally had a couple offers on our rental house, the sale of which would take a huge weight off both my husband's shoulders and mine. 

I truly feel like this, my 40th year, has the potential to be really awesome. I am excited at the possibilities that await me. I am trying very hard to be optimistic instead of always living in fear that something is going to go wrong. I hope your year is wonderful, too. Thanks for poppin' by.


Jen said...

Good for you!! Your finishes are so cute. I love biscornus and really like the LK one. Congrats on accomplishing your other goals. Your concerns sound a lot like mine. Funny, I kind of went through the same transition you are making on my 40th year (3 years ago). Keep focusing and breathing.

Shebafudge said...

What gorgeous finishes you have. Those 2 biscornu are lovely...especially The Sweetheart Tree one.

Melody said...

Your finishes are lovely. I have never tried stitching a biscornus. They are very pretty.

Rachel M said...

Wonderful finishes! Please share how to make the green tea lemonade! Sounds yummy

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow! You were so productive and got a lot done! I really like how your SweetHeart Tree biscornu turned out beautifully!!!!

Crazee4books said...

Hello Sonda,

Welcome back to the wonderful world of blogging
... from another blogger who took a sabbatical of
more then a year. It's lovely to see you back. I
hadn't checked your blog for awhile after seeing
your "retirement" post so was not aware that you
were back.

Your stitching projects are wonderful ... and such
a diverse lot. Both those biscornus are lovely,
but so different one from the other. The delicate detail of the Sweetheart Tree design and the colourful, cuteness that is a Lizzie Kate design.
Love 'em.

Your Halloween finishes are great. The sock monkey pirate had me chuckling.

Oh how lovely to be working part time. With the type of job that you have I can imagine how easy
it must be to burn out with the stress of caring
for patients and the long hours of your shift. I
really hope that it works out for you. Enjoy it to
it's fullest girl!!! I'm counting down the hours with you in solidarity!!! :)

Ah yes, a furry side kick is certainly a requirement to make the crafting space complete.

May your 40th year be everything you hope it will be. And welcome back!!!!