Thursday, March 6, 2014

BIG Happy Dance!

At long last, Tanglewood is finished!!  

This is actually the second start on this project. The first time, I had stitched almost everything under the tree before I realized that I had messed up centering the project on the fabric and would have the tree running up to the very edge on the left-hand side. Only slightly discouraged, I started over again on fabric I actually liked better. And, look, it's done! I'm very pleased. I did save the other partial stitching and I plan to make it into a needlebook with the tree as the spine.

Other finishes since my last post include La-D-Da's "In The Garden".
I changed the colors a bit on this one as I stitched with 2 over 2 and did not have enough of the flesh colors to make both Adam and Eve. I actually like having them different shades now that it is done. My own little touch.

I also finished BBD "Sunflower Charms".
This piece needs to be framed and given to a friend of mine.

I also continued on my quest to have 2014 be a year of finishing projects and I finally whipped out this cozy little lap afghan.
It is very soft and rather warm. It's also just the right size for my lap. I have some of the yarn left and I plan to make a long scarf from it as it is so cozy. I jumped right in to a new afghan, which will be a rainbow ripple. Less bulky yarn, so it will take more work, but I'm looking forward to it. 

I do, as always have many pieces on the qsnaps, but here are two of the current favorites:

L&L Celtic Autumn in a gold/green/orange conversion (not mine) that I prefer to the original chart.

SB Eve's Garden--yes, I do have a thing for the Adam & Eve samplers...

Well, hope everyone is staying warm and dry. I am off to Camp Wannasew next week, hosted by the ladies at The Silver Needle in Tulsa, OK. I've never been to Oklahoma, and I just can't wait to get on the plane. I am ready for an adventure.