Thursday, March 6, 2014

BIG Happy Dance!

At long last, Tanglewood is finished!!  

This is actually the second start on this project. The first time, I had stitched almost everything under the tree before I realized that I had messed up centering the project on the fabric and would have the tree running up to the very edge on the left-hand side. Only slightly discouraged, I started over again on fabric I actually liked better. And, look, it's done! I'm very pleased. I did save the other partial stitching and I plan to make it into a needlebook with the tree as the spine.

Other finishes since my last post include La-D-Da's "In The Garden".
I changed the colors a bit on this one as I stitched with 2 over 2 and did not have enough of the flesh colors to make both Adam and Eve. I actually like having them different shades now that it is done. My own little touch.

I also finished BBD "Sunflower Charms".
This piece needs to be framed and given to a friend of mine.

I also continued on my quest to have 2014 be a year of finishing projects and I finally whipped out this cozy little lap afghan.
It is very soft and rather warm. It's also just the right size for my lap. I have some of the yarn left and I plan to make a long scarf from it as it is so cozy. I jumped right in to a new afghan, which will be a rainbow ripple. Less bulky yarn, so it will take more work, but I'm looking forward to it. 

I do, as always have many pieces on the qsnaps, but here are two of the current favorites:

L&L Celtic Autumn in a gold/green/orange conversion (not mine) that I prefer to the original chart.

SB Eve's Garden--yes, I do have a thing for the Adam & Eve samplers...

Well, hope everyone is staying warm and dry. I am off to Camp Wannasew next week, hosted by the ladies at The Silver Needle in Tulsa, OK. I've never been to Oklahoma, and I just can't wait to get on the plane. I am ready for an adventure.


Von said...

Woohoo! Camp Wannasew! You're going to have the best time! Can't wait to hear all about it. Also, wonderful projects both finished and in progress. :)

lynda said...

Love your Tanglewood finish...congratulations! Have fun at camp!

Rachel M said...

Love Tanglewood! And wonderful job on all your projects.

Have a great time stitching at Wannasew :)

Sally said...

Wow what amazing finishes Sonda! Tanglewood is fantastic!

Enjoy Camp Wannasew :)

Faye said...

Nice projects Sonda~I'm a new follower and especially love that LaDDa!!

Melanie said...

Congrats on finishing Tanglewood!! Everything looks great here. :)

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